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Course curriculum

  1. Chapter 1: Introduction

  2. Chapter 2: Getting Started & Performing Reviews

  3. Chapter 3: Evaluating the Review & Taking Action

  4. Chapter 4: Learning from Experience

  5. Chapter 5: Wrap-up

  6. Bonus: Developing Checklists and Forms

About this course

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  • 9 lessons

Bonus material

Beyond the lessons, extra content for you.

  • Developing Checklists and Forms

    $97 value

    Standardization across the work you do can be hard. In this lesson, we describe an approach to developing, implementing, and improving standard forms.

  • Leading with Expectations

    $147 value

    Engineers have a unique responsibility. They are personally and professionally responsible for the work they sign and seal. At the same time, they often do not prepare all of the work themselves so explaining their expectations is vital to everyone's success. In this lesson, we drill down on the concept of extending expectations among those you work with.

  • 60 minute Coaching Session


    (Limited to the next 10 enrollments) Work with me one-on-one for a 60-minute session to discuss your specific challenges related to Quality Management. Whether it's implementing, enforcing, or developing your own systems, or talking through your experiences, let me help you grow.

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